The Secret World of Perfume

Dawn Goldworm is an internationally recognized olfactive expert and the Nose behind successful fragrances for Lady Gaga, Nike, American Express, Valentino, Cadillac, and many more… The inspiration of 12.29, Dawn’s vision of evolving modern brand building through scent, began with her NYU Graduate thesis. Dawn’s expertise in perfumery is the result of years of training and her work at Avon’s global NY headquarters and Coty Beauty (NY and Paris), with a focus on the North American, European, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asian and LATAM fragrance markets. Dawn’s rare abilities in synesthesia (blending her sense of sight, touch, sound, and smell), guide 12.29’s unique scent creation process, transforming branding into a complete sensory experience.

“Because the perfume industry has remained so closed, the greater public doesn’t understand all of the art, and the science, and creativity that goes on to create a scent.”

– Dawn Goldworm, 12:29 Co-founder, Creative Director and In-house Nose



Language of Aroma unites 19 leading experts and iconic brands around one powerful detail: Aroma. Join the conversation with a Master Sommelier, Bocuse d’Or team coach, Michelin-star Chef, winemaker, and academics from Brown, UC Irvine, and UBC.  Blend in scent-branding experts, artists, Microsoft Design, TEALEAVES, and language creators from Game of Thrones, Pantone, and musicology.  Share their experience – to bring about an appreciation and understanding for the detail of Aroma and its impact on the human condition.  What are the disparate ways in which Aroma can be expressed and understood? How can we communicate aroma in an inclusive way? Watch the sequel to #ColorInSight:  #LanguageOfAroma