Wolfgang Georgsdorf

Analog Virtual Reality

Photo: BZ Berlin

Wolfgang Georgsdorf was born in Austria and lives in Berlin since over 20 years. His main works happen in correlating fields of art and science. For his research and development on his invention Smeller and Osmodrama since the early 90s and for Smeller and his works on olfactory cinema Georgsdorf received the “Outstanding Artist Award for Interdisciplinarity” by the Ministry of Art and Culture, Vienna, Austria in 2013. Many of his former projects were connected with smells, language, community building and the conjunctions of different disciplines. Georgsdorf has works of fine arts in museums as well as he had written and published the first digital dictionary of Austrian sign language in various dialects.

Wolfgang is the recipient of the Art and Olfaction Award / Sadakichi Award 2017.

“To me, aroma is the analog of virtual reality”

– Wolfgang Georgsdorf, Artist and Inventor of Smeller and Osmodrama

Photo: 2016 © Julian van Dieken



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